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About me:unoriginal but fun
Member Since:June 5, 2006
Last Login:May 29, 2014
Location:Astoria, NY
Birthday:May 18
Music means to me:a means to achieving that "next" level-fulfillment of the soul
Schools:Fordham University, Bronx NY
General Interests:Skiing, cooking/baking, camping, drinking, driving the VW, working on the VW when it breaks down (well, watching my dad anyway and handing him tools) discovering new bands and new musical friends
Other Distractions:hmmm favorite movies-big Harrison Ford fan, westerns (the Searchers definitely in the top 5) TV-currently Rescue Me, vintage would be Moonlighting (working my way through season 3) Books-I enjoyed Lolita much more than I expected, working on some Tom Wolfe at the moment


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