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About me:i am a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and i am SHIRLEY BROWN...... i try to balance each one so that i keep everyone happy including myself...... i have two of the most wonderful little boys ever, the best friends.... my life is grand.....i can't stand to meet people- hang out with them- and then never see them again..... i observe people way more than i let on.... i trust people way tooooo much, and i know it will get my heart hurt but i continue to do it..... impacts and impressions that i make on people is one of the most important things to me because, you never know when a simple smile, nod of the head, or a hello will change someone's life or day.... i am very caring, ~almost too much sometimes~ and compassionate about my beliefs..... i enjoy surrounding myself with good people... my feelings get hurt easily, ...i like ketchup on just about everything.... it makes me happy to make others happy... i have learned in life that you should never make anyone mad that deals with your money or food...i am the kinda girl who never knows what she wants..i make "to-do" lists daily, but then lose them..i can go into a restroom and come out with new best friends.. i am infatuated w/ anything to do with prison..excessive noise from televisions drive me insane... i have a small obsession with DMB and many more bands....i like to sing and dance... CARPE DIEM..... everyday!
Member Since:January 14, 2009
Last Login:February 18, 2009
Location:Tompkinsville, KY
Birthday:November 8
General Interests:spending time with great friends, going to the lake, riding four-wheelers, frog giggin, intellectual conversations, traveling, playing LRC and corn hole


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