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About me:Been playing drums (and various other percussion) for about 30 years...enjoy all types of music (old and new)...married, 3 kids, 2 dogs, reside in central PA, I attend about 10 shows per year (including 1 or 2 major festivals) favorite bands/artists include The Dead (and all of their side projects), moe., YMSB, phish, Keller Williams, and pink floyd (just to name a few)...I enjoy all types of music, but my favs are rock, country (before 1995), bluegrass, Motown/blues...
Member Since:March 16, 2007
Last Login:February 28, 2015
Location:Shippensburg, PA
Birthday:September 20
Music means to me:good vibes, fun times, lasting is something that brings young, old, big, little, black, white, rich, poor, democrat, republican, and all other opposites together (where few are judged)...that's hard to find nowadays...the best times in my life have always been centered around music and music people...most importantly, music makes me feel good, free from the worries of the day...
Schools:The Pennsylvania State University
General Interests:Golfing, water activities (boating, swimming, scuba diving), mountain rides, art, traveling, working on my lawn and "garden"
Other Distractions:FRIENDS and FAMILY


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