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About me:i like music

i like to have fun

i like to be honest

i like to work

i like to play

i like to watch thunderstorms out on my porch

i like to have a p key that worked every time too bad i dont ha

i like to hang out with my friends

i like to sleep

i like to eat

i like to swing

i like to blow bubbles

i like to listen to people jam

i like to be in a happy environment

i like to love

i like to be loved
love to live
Member Since:June 4, 2008
Last Login:June 4, 2008
Location:Jeffersonton, VA
Birthday:November 12
Music means to me:music is life
that is all
Schools:Graduated highschool
slowly working through college
General Interests:everything i listed up there and then some
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