shanio's Profile

About me:Dancing musical tantric coach/ healing arts practitioner. In the valley since 1994 moved here from Japan. Loves bicycle lifestyle and living on the greenbelt in So. Scottsdale. Love to jam on flute w/ other talented musicians. Writes songs of positive lyrics and play guitar to accompany myself.
Member Since:December 2, 2007
Last Login:December 2, 2007
Location:Scottsdale, AZ
Birthday:September 28
Music means to me:A wonderful expression of life and flow of creativity. I prefer "light" and positive lyrical content (to create a more harmonious world) and love to dance to ethnic world beat rhythmic styles.
Schools:BS in Environmental Biology 1983
1000 Master Massage Therapist 1998
Transformational Life Coach 2003
General Interests:Buddhism (I practice as a Soka Gakkai International member
Native American Sweat Lodge (sweats in particular)
Raw Foods for health and life
Other Distractions:I have a low tolerance for cigarette smoke.
I'm an advocate for women's right to choose (family planning)