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About me:I'm just this dude with an advanced sense of humor that drinks lots and lots of green tea. In the summer, I drink that shit on ice. On the weekends I eat a lot of ice pops; cherry is my favorite. Mullets fascinate me. I once saw a girl with a mullet who was surprisingly beautiful, I just wish I had taken her picture for proof. I'm a thinker, a planner, and a mover...I'm good like that…always trying pretty damned hard to get ahead. I tend to balance as much as possible. My expectations in people are high, and I hate flakes. And drug dealers too. I use to read the NY Times on a daily basis until the F'ers at Starbucks ruined it.
Member Since:August 17, 2004
Last Login:February 12, 2008
Location:Portland, OR
Birthday:February 7
Music means to gives me reason to exist and love.
General Interests: Going to the Movies, Drinking beer, drinking wine, drinking irish car bombs, going to local jam-band shows, riding my bike, making clothes, going on road trips, summer festivals, going to concerts, walking, sitting, reading, snowboarding, fishing, making music, my guitar I can't play,cooking, cruizing Hawthorne and Bellmont, bookstores, coffee shops, playing pool.
Other Distractions:Netflix and pretty girls


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