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About me:ryan semon is my name and groovin is my game. i love to do anything but can't be doing nothing. i love the outdoors, kayaking, camping getting crazy all that fun stuff. but my number one is jam if it sounds tight i'll play it doesn't matter.
Member Since:November 1, 2005
Last Login:November 17, 2012
Location:Anchorage, AK
Birthday:October 3
Music means to me:i love music... it adds so much to life to make it better. when i die i definatly want my soundtrack of my life.
Schools:edmond north high school
General Interests:music,play bass,drums,guitar,basically anything i can get my hands on. anything that has to do with the wilderness and o yes of course frisbe golf and one thing too going to shows
Other Distractions:angels and demonds by dan brown. the movie JAWS,thank you for smoking, the doors, the cobert report


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