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About me:i m just a poor 21 year-old girl... who doesn t know what to do of her life, and who doesn t dare to say and do what she likes. Im still in high school, studying commerce !! I'd love to have my own little rock n roll clothes shop, or a bar, organising shows ... and the best would be to follow a rock band on tour !! My dream is to travel through Canada, from East to West, or the reverse, it doesnt matter, as long as i get close with this Quebec accent that i love, and that i discover the ranches and cowboys of the plains or that i cross the rockies thanks to the rocky mountainer (panoramic train), to finish on the edge of a turquoise lake like the Lake Victoria !!
Member Since:February 2, 2009
Last Login:February 6, 2009
Birthday:August 13
Music means to me:i played violin for 9 years and i'm trying to play guitar ... but im not one of these talented musicians ... i can only read music XD but music for me is something that i feel, when i spend a day without listening to some of my fav bands, i feel sad ...
The very first music that i listened in my life was peter gabriel and pink floyd :) i cant say that im a huge fan 'cause i dont even know the lyrics and the titles of the songs ... but i just feel GOOD when im listening ;)
General Interests:tattoos and piercings !!


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