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About me:been playin' guitar since i was 14 (wow... that was a long time ago) Love my tone but like everyone out there I'm always trying to improve it. Used to gig frequently but back surgery took me off the road, never did find my way back. since then married a keyboardist with the voice of an angel so I'm sure I'll find my way eventually. Love the JamBand attitude towards music (never play it the same way twice) and just rockin out with friends.
Member Since:October 24, 2003
Last Login:About 5 days ago
Location:Waterbury, CT
Birthday:September 29
Music means to me:life, a release from all of life's problems.
General Interests:Guitar, music, fishing, hiking, general hippie crap.
Other Distractions:xbox, movies, readin Relix magazine cover to cover.... taking car of the cutest little boy on the whole damn world.


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