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About me:Out of Katonah, NY, this band emerged in 2003. The Cause is led by front-man guitarist/singer, Patrick Duffy, and backed by bass player, Seamus Brophy, and drummer, Jesse Guglielmo. The three share an ambition: to revive that guitar-heavy, rock bottom sound recollective of the past, but stay directed and keep the focus on the creation of high-quality songs. Patrick Duffy, Guitar and Vocals, is composing songs to capture the listener; demanding audiences to accept this authentic rock sound. Fast fingers and original, gritty tones are his devices to showcase his "sweet ideas." Seamus Brophy, Bass, has surrounded himself with uplifting music his entire life. Continuously growing, and forever immersed, he has found his home in the rhythm section; always drawing on his endless affection for music. Jesse Guglielmo, Drummer, has always been consumed by percussion. Dynamic, syncopated, and distinct, his raw power is innate. It is easy to tell that the drums are his channel to distribute his emotion. These days, so many musicians are trying so hard to be eccentric. The Cause feels it is time to go back to our roots; to put the emphasis on the power of the song, and rekindle this groove of the past.
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