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About me:Hi kids! My name is mike, but I'm better known as Scouty (theres just too many mikes) Well...hmm... about me... Well I love music of all kinds and I love goin to shows. I'll go to any show at all just tell me about it or better bring me to one. I also love travel I just wanna see new places and enjoy different experiances. Other than that I work, and chill out with friends.
Member Since:April 21, 2004
Last Login:September 6, 2009
Location:Downers Grove, IL
Birthday:May 26
Music means to me:Music means alot to me, It all started when I was a little boy. Though I don't play any instruments I am very fascinated with it all. I can't describe the feeling I get of sittin (or standing for that matter) in front of a group of great musicians and listening to what they can do as it happens. It takes me away.
Schools:high school
General Interests:rock climbing, backpacking, hiking, camping, fires, kickin back a couple beers, workin hard, playin hard, friends, good breakfast, good influences, good fun, being open minded


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