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About me:food is the only form of art that can stimulate all five senses. while taste is at the forefront, seeing the plate or food is the first sense hit. the scent of the food is picked up next. the texture is the feel, and can also cause noise in the middle ear. the taste, texture, sound, smell and look of a dish can trigger a sixth sense of emotion. Food is the only form of art that can stimulate all six of the senses. all of which highten the dining experience. my arm is covered in scars. i work long, late nights. my tools are sharp german and japanese steel. i get to combine different cultures on one glass plate. the sounds of fire and heat excite me. coffee is good. sunday and monday is my weekend. i am a cook. it is my passion.
Member Since:October 25, 2005
Last Login:February 8, 2011
Location:Avon, CO
Birthday:June 4
Music means to me:music is what keeps me going. good times, bad times, busy times, slow times. the pulse of music is the beating of my heart.
Schools:University of Wisconsin-Stout
General Interests:cooking, snowboarding, concerts, food, music, art, film, knowledge, shooting pool, traveling, camping, sports, watching friend do what they love, laughing
Other Distractions:fav movies: the big lebowski, kill bill, pulp fiction, hero, house of flying daggers, tai chi master, crouching tiger, drunken master, fear and loathing in las vegas, snatch, a mighty wind, best in show, waiting for guffman, godfather I and II, goodfellas, casino, borat, documentries, indie films, and live concert dvds...


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