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About me:My favorite things are live music, hiking, yoga, playing guitar, reading sarcastic fiction and seeing quirky movies. I'm mostly vegetarian (still eat fish). I definitely have certain tastes and standards. I get the biggest high from getting the best in quality beer, best quality musicians ect...I'm fortunate enough to have seen the Grateful Dead and to have backpacked through South East Asia. So, I don't want to drink watered down Miller beer when I can experiment with my microbrews.
Member Since:March 25, 2008
Last Login:December 8, 2014
Location:Scarsdale, NY
Birthday:November 26
Music means to me:Music is my biggest passion in life. I've seen alot of shows and although my taste changes over time, I intend to see live music my entire life and hopefully be able to dance.
General Interests:Travelling to exotic places.
Other Distractions:Lately, learning how to burn things on my computer. Favorite movies lately are all the Judd Apatow flicks. But I'm of course I own Lawrence of Arabia as well. Currently enjoying reading "kite runner". and yes, I dont believe in seeing the movies before reading the books.


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