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About me:Uh...I'm free spirited, enthusiastic, I aim positive always (no energy sucking vampires aloud), . Enjoy running, TRAVEL, anything outdoors (rafting, biking, hiking, camping, wandering around in the wilderness, skiing, etc), wakeboarding, wine, friends, nice weather, music, family, cooking, music, festivals, artsy fartsy stuff, comfortable shoes, ice cream, pickles, history, museums, and a plethora of other things.
Member Since:December 30, 2008
Last Login:February 17, 2013
Location:Piney Flats, TN
Birthday:July 29
Music means to me:Feeds my soul and lifts my spirit.
Schools:East TN State University, Mesa State College
General Interests:Reading, writing, volunteering and keeping on that constant journey to find absoluteness.
Other Distractions:Life in general


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