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About me:i'm a dancing fairy of a woman and i love love love live music. i'm really into funky stuff. also really into electronica. right now the artists that r rockin' my world are stanton warriors, ana sia, bassnectar, ott, adam arlia, two fresh, sound tribe sector nine, disco biscuits, delta nove, new monsoon, xavier rudd and tea leaf green. anywho.. let's talk music baby!!
Member Since:June 17, 2004
Last Login:July 1, 2014
Location:Tempe, AZ
Birthday:August 25
Music means to me:i absolutely live for music. it feeds my soul. music and the outdoors are absolute necessities in my life. i love to feel it in my core and i love love love to see all those smiling faces at the shows. good music, good friends, good vibes...
Schools:dalton high school, state university of west georgia, a.k.a., west georgia college, the desert institute of the healing arts, school of life
General Interests:live music, dancing, intelligent conversations about anything, life, psychology, philosophy, astrology, numerology, women and men with a zest for life, travel locally and globally, the bizarre view of sexuality in this country, politics, mood altering substances, mind body connection, spirituality
Other Distractions:bill maher, the daily show,the colbert report


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