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About me:let's see...

i love acoustic music.

i paint.

i drink coffee at night.

i used to be scared of drowning in the bathtub.

i just moved back to wisconsin from school in florida and am in the process of starting over. again.

i sing like it's my job.

i brush my teeth in the shower.

i hope to someday find a guy that won't break my heart.

i wish summerfest lasted forever.

i procrastinate.

i miss my besties in florida immensely.

i used work at the airport and get sweet deals on vacations.

i can never wake up from the first sound of the alarm.

i usually get up by the seventh.

i hate socks.

i enjoy jager-monsters. a lot.

i can't stand band-aids.

i cry easily.

i get it from my mom.

i once was pretty decent at soccer.

i have an amazing family that i love soooooo much.

i am ocd about my handwriting.

i sleep with six pillows.

i really like playing football.

i think my friends are all crazy.

i can't picture life without them, though.

i plan on working in the medical field after all is said and done.


i wish college would have never ended.
Member Since:May 24, 2008
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Location:Oconomowoc, WI
Birthday:April 19
Music means to me:more than simple words can explain...
music is the soundtrack to my life.
Schools:Florida Gulf Coast University '08
General Interests:Soccer, Competitive Games, Good Books, Delicious Food, Living Life, Painting, Writing Songs, My Crazy Wisconsin Friends, College Life, Kissing, Guitar, Sunny Florida, Long Car Rides, Partying, Playing HOT or NOT with Jesse for Hours, Traveling, Being Spontaneous, Musician Boyfriends, 5 Hour Energy Shots
Other Distractions:Facebook, Discovering New Music, Reading Chuck Palahniuk Books,, My Comfy Bed, HBBs


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