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Member Since:October 12, 2003
Last Login:July 8, 2014
Location:Akron, OH
Music means to me:I love the "jam" however you want to classify that music. to me jam is a groove that you can rock your head to, and a groove leaves a good taste in your mouth. a jam is a surprise waiting to happen, and i look forward to it everytime. music is a way for me to relax, have fun, and rock out. it can pick me up when i am down, spin me around, and drop me into a completly foreign, yet delightful place. i also am a fan of indie rock, i love the crunchy guitar, ala the black keys, akrowdy's own! besides the music what draws me to this scene is the beautiful people i meet all over the country. i was fortunate enough to work for clean vibes at the ROO this summer, and i can tell you, the people made that festival for me. everyone brought something new to a conversation, from their life experiences, their beliefs, and there convictions. we all have on our own pair of rose colored glasses, and we each look at the same thing differently. thats why being human is so extraordinary. no one has the same viewpoint, the same experience as the next person. meeting the people on the scene, the ones who help you jump a car in alpine, who give you a shirt in chicago because you absentmindedly left yours in the car, who give you a life back to your apartment in honolulu when you passed out at a littlefeat show and got stranded, who are more than willing to share some smoke with you after you drove 9 hours to tennessee alone, who buy you drinks in myrtle beach because you lost your wallet, who find your birks at blossom,and all the other memories i have; those are what i cherish most. that is jam to me.
Schools:university of dayton, university of cincinnati college of law
General Interests:music, guitar, reading, having a good time, all things the Cleve.
Other Distractions:bright lights.


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