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About me:brain surgeon, pothead, philosopher, visionary, asshole, hipocrit, bad speller, fun, animal friendly, live music loving, film making, future poker champion of the world.
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Music means to me:that which sounds good to you
Schools:virginia commonwealth university, piedmont virginia community college, radford university
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Wed 11/14/2007 11:26AM
PHISH is my BLOOD, and I really can't help it, ever since my first show, no, not true, ever since I first heard the music, the song was JULIUS, still a favorite to this day, I fell in some weird kind of love.  Phish passion grows the more you get to see them live, and I did pretty well between december 1997 and august 2004.  I still get goosebumps when I hear shows I went to.  As for Vegas '96, I missed it, but have heard and enjoyed it many a time.  I had built quite a tape collection, they live at my buddy's house now though.  I saw Vegas 2003, 3 nights, also bad ass.  Phish is the music for the people who love PHISH.  I hope that this does not make sense to many, but perfect sense to some.  peacelove, samson