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About me:music is wonderful. i play music. i live thru music. i have friends in bands. music helps grow, heal, and puts a smile on my soul. i am a survivor of cancer TWICE!!! in a few months it will be 3.5 years. thanks to GOD i made it thru. testicular cancer, then cancer in both lungs.. portions of the lower lobe of the right lung removed, then 6.5 months of non stop chemo. yes it was tough, but im tough as well.
Member Since:June 2, 2009
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Location:Murphy, NC
Birthday:October 29
Music means to me:without music i would have no friends. yes i am introverted and tend to stay to myself. being an only child growing up in a music household.. my mom is always singing.. in church, at home in the car.. everywhere.


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