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About me:I'm 17 and I go to an arts school as a visual arts major. However, my true love is music and I think I should be in the instrumental program, except that my school has no guitar program. I play guitar, yes, like 2 million 3 hundred thousand other people in the Western world. Hopefully I can somehow distinguish myself as a musician in the fufutre, someday. I also play piano and can bs my way around a bass and some organ.
Member Since:September 8, 2006
Last Login:October 14, 2006
Location:Sunnyside, NY
Birthday:March 24
Music means to me:life, love, happiness, passion, unity- cheesie but true
Schools:Hunter College High School, The Brearley School, Frank Sinatra School of the Arts, Third Street Music School, National Guitar Workshop, Parsons Pre-College
General Interests:playing guitar, listening to music, seeing live music, busking, parks, shopping, cooking, fun things, goals
Other Distractions:Hmm, We the Living is my favorite book as well as Lord Vishnu's Love Handles... one is a political love story while the other is a trippy mystery novel...


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