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About me:viking from s.w.ohio,single(still looking for red sonya).own a small business.work all day/beat drums all nite.i play drums in a jam band called "flight 420",i have a carpet cleaning co.
Member Since:December 11, 2006
Last Login:July 3, 2012
Location:Fairfield, OH
Birthday:June 11
Music means to me:makes the sound tracks to our lives.
General Interests:music of course,the outdoors,extreme weather hiking,kayaking the great miami river in feb.while it snows wearing shorts (tipping is not an option),camping,making people laugh,and extremly thankful and humbled by all of ODIN`s creations.
Other Distractions:the simpsons,fam.guy,futurerama,southpark,,comedy central,t.v.land,t.a.p.s ,xmc ,disc.,nat.goe.,hist.channels,and thank your gods that we got to know the crocodile hunter,(r.i.p. mate)...


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