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About me:I am a 23 year old former student working in advertising and bartending.
Member Since:September 4, 2005
Last Login:January 19, 2010
Location:Minneapolis, MN
Birthday:December 20
Music means to me:expression of self, a life altering drug, a sobering experiance, a place to turn, a gathering of intrests, a reason to keep trying, an influence, a lifestyle, a good sound.
Schools:ndsu (shitty), wayzata high school....
General Interests:flying, sleeping, listening, screaming, living, eating, breathing, talking, seeing, drinking, searching, finding, experiancing, influenceing, living....
Other Distractions:anything by chuck klosterman, ei. fargo rock city, sex drugs and cocopuffs, killing yourself to live.... i dont read alot but I like to when I do.
....... tv sucks.... alot........
movies... crossroads guitar festival (clapton), donnie darko, high fidelity, gladiator, what dreams may come, old school, say anything......


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