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About me:I love music, it is not only an interest, but a way of life. It puts the joy in my day and adds the little bounce to my step. I love music, there is nothing more to it.
Member Since:March 4, 2008
Last Login:March 4, 2008
Location:Simi Valley, CA
Birthday:June 9
Music means to me:Music means an escape from lifes troubles, it allowed me to go into parallel world where the sadness of a friends death is numbed. It means that no matter the circumstances I can have a small piece of happiness. It is a release.
General Interests:singing, dancing, education, teaching, tanning, surfing, running, clothing, shopping, shoes, concerts
Other Distractions:the 80's, lunchboxes, bobs big boy, flirting, best friends, spas, richard simmons, working out


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