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About me:High-spirited psychadelic rock and roll.......that's what we play and spreading love and light through music is what we love to do with our precious gifts we were given. As we are currently scattered through out the country, RAR get's together for slamming tours and recording when the duty arises. Pamela Parker lives in San Francisco, and is currently performing at venues such as The Fillmore and The Independent as the opportunities keep flowing.

You can check us out at or our website at And you can check out Pamela's website while the RAR sit is under construction at: and check out the new CD Beautiful Day!!!
Member Since:November 14, 2003
Last Login:July 13, 2013
Location:Big Pool, MD
Birthday:August 19
Music means to me:So very much...mainly a way to express and create positive influences and vibes for the people of the world....


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