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About me:We are a band of humans who want one thing for our galaxy…

That is for every living thing to feel peace and harmony. Vibrations are all around us. And for us to have the opportunity

To add to these vibrations with what we have for you all makes everything feel okay.

Jeremy Gibson started this musical vision with his guitar and thoughts of sharing a gift. Along the last two years he has gathered several musicians who have shared his vision.

Alvaro Mangual (bass guitar) was the first to be trapped by Jeremy, he was influenced by several other genres but needed something to do, as they spent time and grew as friends Alvaro realized it was time to share his gift on stage as well and joined in on the hijinx

Chris Raubenstraw (drums) picked up on the vibe early in our friendship, while just hanging and enjoying Jeremy and Alvaro’s shows from time to time he found himself at an all day show that they was playing to support local music, and well there was an empty drum set behind us and the rest is history.

"Thumper", Bruce Mahler (harps and percussion) and Jeremy met early in this venture. R.o.L. was a gift to both of them that didn’t go ignored, but was diverted by life. The first chance of meeting after a year or so went by it was obvious that religion of love still stood in the hearts that it needed to. And was on board the very next show.
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Location:The Plains, OH
Music means to me:EVERYTHING!
Schools:the school of rock...
General Interests:local music, friends and caring about fellow man.


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