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About me:I'm a recently-graduated Biologist,. I am happily engaged to my wonderful boyfriend Shane. We're getting married Cinco de Mayo this year! Going to concerts and playing/listening to music is I guess pretty much what I do besides the whole education thing. I can play guitar, bass, keyboards/piano, and clarinet (ya know, in case I ever wanna bust out some hot jazz jams, or feel the need to polka). I have tons of instruments on the "to learn" list. Hopefully I'll be able to play them all pretty well before my demise. I collect vinyl. I'm also a science geek. (I wanted to be a Chemist when I was 3, yeah.)I love doing outdoor stuff: mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, fishing, skiing, etc. Sports-wise I like odd stuff: fencing, firearms, archery, bowling. I want to learn how to surf properly someday. I've lived in Arkansas (until I was 4), Alaska (no, I didn't live in an igloo), and California (Bay area). I also love volunteering (mostly in the medical field) and doing research.
Member Since:December 2, 2007
Last Login:March 17, 2012
Location:Melbourne, FL
Birthday:June 19
Music means to me:An integral part of my life. I have been surrounded by and involved in music basically since birth. I would have majored in music, but I felt that I could do the world the most good by going into medicine.
General Interests:The Mighty Boosh, science, the outdoors, volunteering, research, travel, air conditioning, refrigerator magnets, puzzles, vinyl records, yellow, photography, food, British comedy, Harley-Davidson.


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