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About me:You can create greatness when you play and work with those that inspire you. You can become great when you are able to listen, hear and learn from it all.

I believe that you cannot judge a book by its cover, that you cannot form an accurate opinion of a person after the first time you meet them, that everybody deserves a second chance that honesty supersedes all and that if you can't find a reason to love yourself no one else will either.

My experiences are lost unless I can share them with the ones I love.

Member Since:September 21, 2006
Last Login:About 2 days ago
Location:Oakland, CA
Birthday:February 6
Music means to me:A smile on my face when I am sad, a push and a tug when I stop, motivation, inspiration and reason.

Everything is easier when it is accompanied by the right tune.

I can't so I listen.
Schools:art Center College of Design Pasadena
General Interests:Rock Climbing, Fire, Art, Music, Driving Fast, Metal & Fire, Skiing, Fur & Fuzz
Other Distractions:Making and drinking really really good cocktails, my backyard, my kids,my work, my life....


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