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About me:I work for a hostel/lodge that has a great Cafe onsite and a health spa soon to come. I book all the bands (live music every Saturday) and do various other things as well. I love all kinds of music but ska is my personal favorite.
Member Since:January 27, 2007
Last Login:July 31, 2008
Location:Midpines, CA
Birthday:April 7
Music means to me:everything
Schools:SJ Delta College in Stockton and Sac State.
General Interests:Music, photography, geek things like computers and books.
Other Distractions:Myspace, Kevin Spacey films, likewise Denzel, Pitt (not the cheesy ones) and Cage. I love a plot twist. Brave New World, Atlas Shrugges and The Stand are among my favorite books. I don't really watch TV, we don't believe in it here.