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About me:I am a Bluegrass/ Jamgrass band out of Boulder, CO. I like playing out of town in such places as Steamboat Springs, and working on things like touring the country in the summer time.
Member Since:July 11, 2007
Last Login:April 8, 2009
Location:Boulder, CO
Birthday:January 8
Music means to me:Music to me means syncopated rhythms and tones that make harmony, or at least try to.
Schools:I have a PHD paid for in cold hard cash, on a street corner in Tijuana.
General Interests:Camping. Colorado. The World. Cool people. Say hi?
Other Distractions:Flight of the Conchords, Court TV, Natural Disasters, Cheese (the food), cooking, dogs, girlfriends, skiing, hiking, biking, The Mountain Sun.


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