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About me:Rising Tribe is a Boston-based original, alternative Rock/Reggae band with a Celtic twist. They perform at venues throughout New England and beyond. It has enjoyed radio success in several cities and states including Boston (e..g., WAAF, WERS), Florida (e.g., WIKX), California, New York, Baltimore, and Portland.

Raised in St. Thomas, lead singer Tiffany Gassett's songwriting and vocals have a unique island flare. The band's music is built upon strong melodies and poetic lyrics. Tribal percussion, driving bass lines, and memorable violin riffs are padded with 12-string guitar and mandolin. The overall sound is a tastefully woven blend of folk/rock, island, and Celtic influences and they write everything from pop to reggae to country/blues.

Tiffany Gassett- songwriting, rhythm guitar, vocals
Phakamani Pega- violins
Lindsey Nogueira- bass
Joe Willis- drums

In the fall of 2008, Rising Tribe released its debut album. "Back to the Water" continues to play on Americana, AAA, and college radio stations across the US. They are currently wrapping up their second album.

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Other Distractions:Rising Tribe will be playing at the Cambridge Out of the Blue Art Gallery this Friday night (March 19th) at 8pm.



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Haiti Relief
Sat 2/13/2010 12:35PM
One of the most rewarding things about being a musician is having the ability to use it as a service to society. When we started out years ago we took every fund raising opportunity we could find. I highly recommend that avenue for any bands starting out. It gave us great exposure and we made great connections. And at the end of the day we knew we funded something more honorable than our bar tab. Now that we have begun making music our career we don't often have the time to play as many gigs for charity as we used to. But recently we have begun approaching college clubs to get involved in their various Haiti Relief funds. We are happy to take part in the Boston University Haiti Relief fundraiser on February 19th. There will be several bands participating and each band will be voted on by the fans. The show will run from 9-12. Hope you can make it. If you are interested in having our band play a fundraiser at your college, contact tiffany@risingtribemusic.com