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About me:My Name is Richie im from El Paso Tx. i went to school in Nacgodoches Texas. thats when i became a fan of music and not just listening to it but actually playing music on my own. I really like almost every type of music, but i focus more on Folk, Blues, Reggae, but i really do love all types.
Member Since:November 21, 2009
Last Login:September 17, 2013
Location:El Paso, TX
Birthday:August 26
Music means to me:I love music in general, i can listen to anything. I think it means alot to the person writing the music, and it takes alot to sing it out loud. Music makes me happy( as stupid as that sounds. I wear my emotions on my sleeve sometimes and when i listen to a certain of music. That musician lets me know that it is okay for you to feel sad, blue, angry, happy, or anything. i LOVE IT!!!
Schools:University of Texas at El Paso
Stephen F. Austin State University
General Interests:Guitars and writing music, watching Rockmentaries, THE FEMALES! lol
Other Distractions:FEMALES!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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