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About me:I am a dog. I'm into sniffing butt, eating stuff, and playing with my people. I'm a scent hound so I can smell like, really good. I mean like insanely good. Like if you brush by someone in the hallway and they ate fried chicken for dinner the night before and then you come home: I can smell the fried chicken on your elbow. Really. It's cool.
Member Since:April 5, 2008
Last Login:December 7, 2014
Location:Lake Zurich, IL
Birthday:August 12
Music means to me:Ooh, it's cool. I don't know why the peop make the music, but I definitely dig it. Oh yeah, I like digging holes too. You ever dig a hole? Man, you just don't know what you'll find. It's like, you're digging and maybe the next little bit you scratch away there will be something really cool.
Schools:Basic obedience. But it was just at the local PetSmart with this dingy chick, so it's not like I'm all Ivy League or anything. I'm really not even AKC. I'm just kind of a reject from a hunting dog kennel. They threw me out because I had this problem with my eye. But then my peop got me from the jail and got the eye fixed up and I live with them now. They rock!
General Interests:Table scraps. Meeting friends in the park. Chasing stuff. Like my peop has this squeeky-squishy thing that he throws and, oh my god!, it is such a blast. I can run so fast when I chase that. It's like: yeah baby! that feels good!
Other Distractions:Duh, I'm a dog. Everything is distracting. Hey look! Something shiney!


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