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About me:I'm a music fan. I also play music. I used to think that "jam" was the last scene that embodied individuality and tolerance. I think those things are to be found in every scene. The best thing that can happen for music is for the walls to be broken down and I hope to, one day, contribute to that happening.
Member Since:March 6, 2008
Last Login:June 2, 2010
Location:Smithfield, NC
Birthday:October 22
Music means to me:Release of happiness, sadness and all emotions that fall between.
Schools:Most of my education came and continues after and outside of school.
General Interests:camping, laughing, singing, playing music, being a dad to my kids, being a better man to their mother and in general
Other Distractions:The world is full of distractions. It's the lack thereof that I am seeking.