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About me:Hi. I am just into my 50s but look and feel 23! (or close thereto). I love music, it is such an important part of being alive. I love people and cherish friends and family.

Member Since:February 18, 2008
Last Login:May 2, 2014
Location:Dobbs Ferry, NY
Birthday:January 20
Music means to me:Music is art. It is beauty. It can express all emotions, all feelings, all perceptions, all there is to be experienced in life. I wish to listen to and appreciate music for every moment I am here on this third orb from the Sun.
Schools:Ummm. high school here, college there, more college there, then finished.
General Interests:my children, ladies, the coming of spring, being alive every day.
Other Distractions:my children, ladies, the coming of spring.


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