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About me:An Oakland, California native, Resonant Sun is a musically diverse artist who ranges from lyrically potent conscious hip-hop to hypnotic and soulful dub, to acoustic folk. A Hebrew teacher and Maya astronomer who has facilitated hip-hop workshops nationwide, he is a highly entertaining performer with a positive and often humorous message.

Known to experiment inside and outside of genre, Resonant Sun released his first cd entitled TribalAstroFunk in 2002. He since released HipHopShabbat in 2004 and Terraist and Auminanomen in 2006, all of which are musically refreshing production statements that have growing popularity. He has been known to collaborate with groups such as 13th Tribe and the Galactic Council.

Seeing Resonant Sun perform live gives one the opportunity of experiencing his avant-garde spontaneity at the same time feeling the funk of his groovy tunes. He might even point out a constellation or two if you happen to be outdoors.
Member Since:June 23, 2004
Last Login:January 29, 2007
Location:Oakland, CA
Birthday:December 24
Music means to me:Enlightening the world through feel good vibrations
Schools:Cascade HS, Skyline HS, University of Oregon, National Holistic Institute
General Interests:Nature, Organic, 4:20, Astronomy, Linguistics
Other Distractions:Cooked Food, Goddesses


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