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About me:Rene Russell is an accomplished musician, her instrument; the 12- string guitar. She makes it look so easy combining rhythmic, percussive thumping and popping of strings with crisp, clear finger-picking, defining the melodies and bass notes within the song at once.
As a Song-writer, she speaks to you of experience, both personal and Universal. Mediums of messages, her songs deliver layers of life, internal moments of choice, change and hope. It’ up to the listener to decide how deep they want to go.
Her clear, Alto voice is the thread that weaves together the tapestry of Rene Russell the Artist.
Now residing in Charleston, SC, Rene Russell takes her musical ideas in directions that few performers have been able to in recent times. Dazzling audiences for the past 20 years from Nashville to San Diego, Atlanta to Austin, Texas, Rene Russell not only writes her own material, but performs it with the passion and precision only a dedicated solo artist is capable of.
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