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About me:freedom, versatile, adventurous, constant change, music, creative, living for today, fresh air, improvement, sweet pea, attitude, unrestrained, sand, open-minded, blue, compassionate, ideas, caring, dancing, communicator, flirtatious, cartoons, sensitive, vanilla skies, culture, motivation, anxiety, fun, charm, analyzer, fresh, explorer, humorous, love hugs, green tea & honey, artistic, faithful, sensitive, water, dancer, unique, craziness, traveler, risk-taker, honest, tasting, beaches, design, pictures, imagination, sun, lavender, sarcasm, photos, b-lee and ash, new, purple iris, mountains, natural, believer, ambitious, green, materialistic, sophisticated, real, karma, thunderstorms, lots of flavor, love, laughter,
Member Since:November 18, 2008
Last Login:April 5, 2013
Location:Cincinnati, OH
Birthday:December 28
Music means to me:It's an expression of my feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Once music gets inside of you it makes everything you do and feel more intense.
Schools:The Art Institute of Cincinnati Ohio
General Interests:Music, art, photography, design, dancing, traveling to new places, seeing some of my favorite bands live, the outdoors, kayaking/canoeing, swimming, painting, sketching, architecture, walking clean beaches, being in the sun and the mountains, swimming, pottery, hiking, museums, a good drive with the windows down, collecting records, finding treasures at flea markets, finding a new band to listen to, doing crafts, musicals or plays, and hanging out with friends and family.


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