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About me:I live in So Cal-born and raised with acception of living in SF,Washington and Chicago. I'm a live music and tattoo junkie....I could live without tattoos(I guess), but not without my music.
Member Since:December 8, 2004
Last Login:March 17, 2011
Location:Westminster, CA
Birthday:August 3
Music means to me:life, love, happiness, family, friends the air that I breathe. I would be lost without live music.
General Interests:Just music and tattoos and travelling to see the bands that I love
Other Distractions:camping, hiking, hugging trees,staring at the ocean, tattoos, music,music & oooh yeah music!


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STS9 Red Rocks
Mon 8/25/2008 6:44PM

I have room in my car for 2 more people. If anyone is wanting to go to STS9 Red Rocks shows and doesn't have a ride and you're looking for one send me a message.

No freaks please. Down to earth, mellow, considerate kind people only. No back seat drivers :)