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About me:I'm way too young for my age. I'm a little reckless in regards to my well being as evidened by my passion for playing goalie. Soccer teams(No F In Talent, Steal Your FC, Electric Mayhem, Pirates, Devils, Barcelona, TS, among others - indoor and outdoor soccer teams) Kickball (Team Lush and Bitch Be Cool DC Kickball - WAKA Sucks) kayaking, canoeing, hiking, etc. Enjoy watching sports: Washington Redskins season ticket holder, DC United season ticket holder, Arsenal Gunners, Washington Caps, Nats (former season ticket holder). Former guitarist for Trip Lizard. Also played with FFME for years and years. Play a Parker Fly and a Seagull and Epiphone acoustic. Still occassionally play acoustic happy hours throughout the area. Can you say cheesy Jimmy Buffet covers?
Member Since:October 24, 2003
Last Login:April 19, 2014
Location:Alexandria, VA
Birthday:September 11
Music means to me:Everything. I'm a music snob and have no patience for people with an untrained ear or to narrow it down even further, anyone that can listen to pop country and say, "Boy, that's really good."
Schools:B.S. Social Science, Bethel College
General Interests:Redskins football, playing and watching soccer(favorite teams: DC United & Arsenal), guitar, canoeing, kayaking, hiking. Favorite beers: Bud Lite in the summer. Winter beers are Chimay Ale, Rogue Dead Guy Ale, Allagash Triple Reserve, and Delerium Triple Reserve.
Other Distractions:My dog Jerry Garcia (miniature Schnauzer). He's a great friend and loves hiking and canoeing too


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