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About me:Much love for the giver of all life and my best friend Mother Nature. I love being outdoors, you can usually find me at the lake with my dogs. I love hiking, backpacking and canoeing. I enjoy tending to my many houseplants and my veggie garden. I am a Raptor Rehabilitator and spend much of my free time tending to these magnificent birds. I am also an avid bird watcher. I must also confess that I am a moe.ron for life....gimmie some moe.
Member Since:June 16, 2005
Last Login:August 28, 2008
Location:Bloomington, IN
Birthday:September 2
Music means to me:Dancing!!! Good times, great friends and sick jams!
Schools:Indiana University,
Boise State University (Fall 2007)
General Interests:Where to start? raptors, my dogs, hiking, birding, backpacking, tracking, smoking, climbing trees, music!!! dancing!! festivals, knitting, sewing, camping, blah blah blah
Other Distractions:Books, I like to read, try not to watch tv more than 2 nights a week.


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