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About me:I am passionate about music & love all sorts of genres. I catch as much live music as time and money permit. There was a time I spent most of my life "on-tour." I had a blast, & if it weren't for a strong desire for other things in life I'd still be "on-tour."

Equal rights & JUSTICE!
Member Since:April 20, 2005
Last Login:February 25, 2010
Location:Highland Park, IL
Birthday:July 17
Music means to me:Music has such a strong connection to my past and memories of it & it remains to be a vehicle for me to live on a spiritual plane. At it's best, music can induce trance like states & "unexpected moments of bliss..."
Schools:University of Oregon
General Interests:Spiritual journeys, music, reading, cooking, gardening, photography, people watching, road trips and traveling, the outdoors, the Chicago Cubs & the Green Bay Packers, & the Oregon DUCKS!!!


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