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Dance In Traffic
Wed 9/30/2009 12:09PM

First annual music festival brings reggae masters to a new venue

By Liz Dzuro

Published: Monday, August 31, 2009

Catching fire
Tue 8/11/2009 8:32AM

Deerfield Beach's the Resolvers turn reggae on its dreadlocked head

By Joanie Cox
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The members of reggae band the Resolvers gather around the kitchen counter at bassist Steave Nieratka's Pompano Beach home. Drinking Heineken from Mason jars, the band's members reminisce about the day their group accidentally came together in 2007.

"We took the jam-band approach," guitarist Ron Eisner says. "We landed a gig at Kahuna Bar and Grill in Deerfield Beach, which was a dream gig for a reggae band. The band literally formed at the gig, but we were all friends first."

The band started out performing reggae versions of unexpected covers by Sam Cooke, Pink Floyd, Van Morrison and the Beatles. "You can reggae-fy pretty much any song," the 28-year-old Eisner explains with a laugh.

However, the Resolvers don't fit the stereotype of the reggae band. First off, four out of the five members are white. Eisner is an accountant from Tel Aviv. Keyboardist Dean Fishback grew up a country boy in Tallahassee, but became so deeply accepted by the reggae scene he has become the go-to guy for tours to Martinique and Hawaii with national reggae acts such as Glenn Washington and Wailing Souls. Drummer Nate Largent has a day job as a massage therapist. Nieratka is obsessed with science-fiction novels. And lead vocalist Ojay Smith is a skateboarding Frisbee enthusiast who is also the son of 1960s reggae singer Ernie Smith.

"For a while, we felt like we had to prove ourselves to sound authentic," Eisner says. "People would come out and say, 'This bunch of white guys is going to play reggae?'"

Just as Eisner is getting animated about the early days of his band, a fly lands in one of the Mason jars.

"You want to see a trick? I bet I can bring him back to life," says the 32-year-old Largent while fishing the insect from the glass. He dumps a mountain of salt on the fly and nothing happens. The other members of the band shake their heads in disbelief, study the pile for a minute and continue their stories. H'amsa EP
Tue 8/11/2009 8:29AM
The Resolvers are a South Florida quintet that formed in 2007 and are already making a splash on the reggae scene down there. One listen to their debut EP, H'amsa (Arabic for "five"), makes it clear why the crowds are lapping up their music. Their charming brand of roots with an easygoing pop edge channels great crossover bands like Steel Pulse, Aswad, Third World and Inner Circle -- without the layer of cheese that those bands have waded through in their more modern recordings. Their sound is rooted in classic reggae, featuring wonderful harmonies, bouncing one-drop rhythms, groovy organs and soulful melodies that veer into intriguing pop/rock territory, as on the ballad "It Was You." Lyrically, the group proves striking, especially on the standout track, "Clear," an introspective tune that delves into a level of critical self-analysis not usually head in reggae