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About me:By the seat of my pants, but in organized chaos I live my life. I'm sarcastic and honest at the same time. My friends are the coolest and seem to be spread out all over the US. My dancing skills are pretty mad and I need room...please move over friend. Sometimes I think about grabbing hula hoops and going at it, but I think it is just because I am ADD and need exercise at festivals. I'm the hippie girl that plans outfits, wears makeup and perfume...can't help it...it's just the way I am.
Member Since:October 3, 2002
Last Login:July 18, 2008
Location:Franklin, TN
Birthday:February 3
Music means to me:Expression in it's most solid form
Schools:BA - Public Relations - University of Alabama
General Interests:Skiing, Wine, Yoga, Hiking, Cooking yummy meals for friends, Vacations away from Reality
Other Distractions:I would call work a distraction, overdraft protection fees, car payments


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