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About me:i'm 31 yrs old, i like to read, write poetry and short stories, and cook
Member Since:August 11, 2008
Last Login:August 1, 2013
Location:Osgood, IN
Birthday:October 22
Music means to me:music is life!!!!!!!! music in my opion is the language of the soul. it allows us to communicate those thoughts and FEELINGS that are other wise impossible to truly communicate!!!!!!
Schools:i attended franklin college for 3 1/2 years and studied history and religion, currently going back to school to study massage therapy
General Interests:photography, yoga, meditation, exercise (walking/hiking), recycling, my family and friends
Other Distractions:playing my saxophone along to Coletrane and Miles cd's, playing with my nieces and little cousins, and the other usual fun things that enlighten as well as distract!


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