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About me:Music lover, music be-er, music breather, music seer, music believer, music freer...

Member Since:February 20, 2008
Last Login:February 21, 2008
Location:Miami, FL
Birthday:April 24
Music means to me:I feel that I would have no reason to be on this earth if there were no music. Music satisfies me, cares for me, speaks for me, is always there for me, is the most reliable source of relief and happiness... Music IS my life, love, and soul.

My goal in life is to touch just one person with my music. There is nothing more rawly emotional than the feeling you get when a moment music has made an impact on your life.

Therefore, I am going to work my darndest to make as music as possible available to as many people as possible. Music needs people to grow. People need music to grow.
Schools:University of Miami; Frost School of Music
Major in Music Business and Entertainment Industry
Priciple Instrument focus in Vocal Performance
General Interests:music, m, u, s, i, c, musica, musiq, musik, mewzeek: listening, watching, singing, playing, writing, composing, arranging, scoring music

twirling fire
Other Distractions:music classes, practicing for music classes, homework for music class, homework in general, other classes, record label, Music & Entertainment Industry Student Association president, playing for pleasure, watching other people play for pleasure, fooling around and making crazy sounds with expensive music equipment, concerts, concerts, more concerts


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