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About me:Combining the talents of Serena Fortier (vocals), Ray Holman (drums/vocals), Matt Fox (bass guitar), Jamey Zebrack (keys/vocals), Matty G (guitar), Mozard Pierre-Jacques (Trombone), Mike Farrell (Sax) and Nick Martino (trumpet), The New York Funk Exchange was born in the fall of 2007. The NYFE hails from Brooklyn, NY and has been performing their original music live in the North East since that time. The multi-talented members of NYFE combine the roots of funk, soul, R&B, and jazz with their own unique arrangements and dynamic rhythms. This innovative sound is a result of the band’s skillful song writing abilities and the many influences they incorporate into their music. Serena’s soulful vocals are powered by the band’s strong rhythm section. Her heartfelt lyrics are separated by inspirational melodies. Each member is a master at their instrument, but all possess the virtue of harmony when playing together. Each member of the NYFE has a deep respect and enthusiasm for music and its ongoing creative process. Their individual passion and the powerful group energy fuels the excitement that can be found during every live performance, as well as their studio recordings. They are on a collective journey to continuously experience more in every realm of music, from theory to performance.
Member Since:July 2, 2000
Last Login:November 27, 2014
Location:Brooklyn, NY
Birthday:April 6


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