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About me:I'm an old hippie, I just don't look like one.
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Music means to me:Music is a key to happiness and spiritual awareness -- a source of great pleasure enabling freedom of the soul. Or some BS like that. I just like a good jammin' groove!
Schools:The Academy of Life and Rich Experience
General Interests:Photography, Writing, Hiking, Outdoors, Road Trips, Good Flicks, The Herb of Love, My Computer and The Web.
Other Distractions:My beautiful wife and the exciting Kansas weather.


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Mulberry Mountain Harvest Music Festival
Sat 9/20/2008 1:09AM

Hurricane Ike had the final say on the music down at the Mulberry Mountain Harvest Music Festival in NW Arkansas last week. My wife and I made the foray into the Ozark Mountains to hear New Monsoon, Leftover Salmon, Boombox and several other notables from the jamband scene. Overall we thoroughly enjoyed it, possibly in large part to our decision to leave Saturday afternoon rather than staying till the end