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About me:Rare Blend is where rock, jazz, fusion, and world music collide! This statement definitively sums up the instrumental music group, home based in Cleveland Ohio.

They continue to receive favorable press reviews, radio airplay, perform at a variety of concerts and outdoor festivals, and have been invited to be included on regional and national compilation discs. Because of their diversity and growing catalog of music, Rare Blend can be found performing on bills that range from Jazz to jam band, fusion to progressive rock. They have shared bills or have opened for the likes of David Sanborn, Ozric Tentacles, Special EFX, Tunnels, Dark Star Orchestra, Kevin Eubanks, Blood, Average White Band, Sweat & Tears, Spyro Gyra, Los Lobos, and others...

Rare Blend is planning to release their fifth album tentatively titled "Sessions" in 2009. The CD will feature tunes from RB's catalog recorded live in concert and live studio improvisations.

The band has also developed a music/film series entitled "Bridging The Gap" where the band performs original selections and improvisations to the screenings of silent films.

Rare Blend is planning to release their fifth album tentatively titled "Sessions" in 2009. The CD will feature tunes from RB's catalog recorded live in concert and live studio improvisations.


This is as tasty as fusion gets - very structured, very "lyrical" for a mostly instrumental work, plus liberal rock moves to give it added weight and kick. "Stops Along The Way" stays on track for a delightful ride. (John Collinge / Progression Magazine - Lowell, MA)

The musicians perform at a very high level, the production and sound are quite good and most importantly, the compositions are all interesting. STOPS ALONG THE WAY is an album I will certainly revisit in the future. Recommended! (Marc - Proggnosis / Golden Valley, MN)

It's really astonishing what brilliant bands you can discover if you dig deeper and don't rely on the crap being published by most of big major companies. Rare Blend should appeal to everyone who likes a good rocking mixture of Jazz Rock / Fusion with a light Latin and Funk touch. (Kristian Selm / Progressive Newsletter - Leonberg, Germany)

I recently took a trip to Cleveland and happened upon a radio station ( 89.3 ) I believe, and heard some of your music. I was blown away, mostly because I too was a professional musician in the late 70s early 80s and enjoyed this style of music. It is refreshing to hear that it is still as alive as it was then! (Jimmy Valentine - RB Fan)

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CD "Sessions" review on Kindweb.com
Sat 2/6/2010 9:48AM


Groovy Jams
Fri 8/14/2009 8:12PM

For twelve years now Rare Blend have been creating and demonstrating their fine musical tastes for people to get funky with. They seem to mainly be a Jam band and for some reason that doesn't do anything for me. I get bored with no vocals (usually)don't get me wrong there are vocals on some songs. I'm just more of a poetic type person and love to hear others feelings since my on are so dramatic at times. Rare Blend reminds me of something one of my neighbors would love, him and his fiancée would be in the crowd droppin E or A and going along for the long ride home.      Rare Blend are home based in Cleveland Ohio. "Stops Along The Way"  metaphorically took the band on a groovy journey and the listeners as well can enjoy the incredible instrumental arrangements, some eclectically seem to blend together. The song "Wuhan Incident" the cymbals actually makes it sound as if a train is getting started on it's way to some remote destination where the alcohol will run a plenty. Many music genres are mixed and covered thru out this cd and travel from one to the next. "Miles To Go" song like a hippie story with an 80's type of synthesizer like piano bursts with little puffs of the flute to tickle your ears pink. The whole stay true to yourself message will go along way among the fans of this band...it's an interesting tale to hear. This band has played many festivals, outdoor concerts and receive ample airplay on local stations. "Mystic Jam" was by far my favorite tune with it's tight thumping bass beginning dejavu type middle where sounds had me thinking that someone was sprinkling pixie dust. It's a must buy for all the instrumental jam band lovers out there.