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About me:I'm a 55-year-old former software engineer starting a new life as a music student at Metropolitan State College of Denver. I am studying cello and I have played electric bass-guitar. I also dabble with hand drums and Native American flute. I'm currently trying to start a band to write and play original music. Besides music, I like gardening, spending time in nature, reading, writing, sunsets, snow, and thunderstorms.
Member Since:July 17, 2007
Last Login:November 9, 2009
Location:Denver, CO
Birthday:November 25
Music means to me:Music means feeling. Above all I love The Groove. For me, music is about rhythm. I want music to move me, both emotionally and physically. I like music that defies (or ignores) genre boundaries, music that is different, creative and innovative, beautiful and powerful. I'm seldom in the mood for quiet, gentle music, although I can respect it if it's good. I love heavy music, especially when it "cross-breeds" with folk or ethnic grooves. I like energetic music with a lively, engaging rhythm--jigs, folk dances--music that makes you want to move.
Schools:Northern AZ University, Northland Pioneer College, currently Metro State College
General Interests:writing music, creativity/making stuff, gardening, photography, reading, writing, Finland (I hope to move there some day.)
Other Distractions:Fantasy/SciFi
Philosophy, anthropology


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