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About me:Happily Married to Wayne. Totally into good music & dancing my ass off; play flute (sometimes); preparing fresh foods; taking pics w/my cellphone & digicam; watching the sky; maintaining good karma; creating art - drawings/paintings/watercolors/crafts inspired by music, life & the universe.
Member Since:January 12, 2008
Last Login:October 10, 2010
Location:Lawrence, KS
Birthday:January 26
Music means to me:Universal energy/language of the heart, soul, & spirit
Music drives my art in a very root-chakra way; then expresses through my heart & crown chakras w/art, writing, dancing, life
Schools:WVU Grad
General Interests:Work. Enjoying good music & life with Wayne; WWW; photography; artist - pen&ink, colored pencil, watercolors, acrylic paintings, mixed media, random crafts; Peet's Coffee; gourmet cooking; peasant cooking; good wine; microbrew
Other Distractions:My husband/soulmate; work; my hobbies; music anywhere; music festivals; the sky; hiking; ...


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Umphrey's McGee at Liberty Hall - freakin fantastic!!!
Thu 4/2/2009 4:58PM

Umphrey's McGee put on an incredible performance at Liberty Hall in Lawrence KS on Thurs night, Mar 26.  We hung out upstairs in the balcony, and the sound up there is really great, too.  The place was packed, and totally in the groove -- couldn't get enough.  Even after 2 encores, we were hoping for more.  THANK YOU UMPHREY'S!!!!

Days of the New / Nov 8 2008, Granada Theater, Lawrence KS
Thu 11/13/2008 4:16PM
Wayne & I were blithely going about our Saturday afternoon routine. We stopped by the post office to check our POBox, then decided we'd head down to Jason't Deli for some lunch. We usually cruise down Mass St to see what's up, and check out the marquee on the Granada Theater just for the heck of it. To our shock and amazement, the marquee read "Nov 8 - DAYS OF THE NEW". We both read it out loud at the same time, and were simply stunned. We hadn't known anything about it!!! We cruised back around the block, parked, and walked into the theater where a guy hanging out at the bar confirm it was "THE" Days of the New with Travis Meeks.

Just like that, our entire rest of the day had changed. We hit the ATM on the way back from the deli. Wayne drove down and bought tix at 7pm while I primped and got ready for the show. We arrived at the theater just after 8pm. The two opening bands were interesting and very loud. Not bad for bands we never heard of.

Promptly at 11pm, Travis and his ensemble began their performance, and it totally knocked our socks off!!! Travis played 5 different acoustic guitars. To put it mildly, he is an incredible explosion of musical force. His mastery of the guitar, and vocal essence simply blast you right into his universe. His drummer had the most beautiful drum kit I've ever seen, and his talent level matched Travis'. They were very locked-in to one another. Another acoustical guitar player complimented Travis' playing. The bass player played an upright contra-bass, and a cello player anchored the ensemble. All members provided backup vocals, which were complex and superb.  The entire ensemble of musicians were intensely focused & driven, providing an exhiliration of sound which was wildly riveting.  I danced my ass off.

For 2+ hours, we inhabited Travis Meeks' universe, and it was quite an experience, that we won't soon forget